Sunday, August 26, 2007

I finally did it!

I signed up for aerobics classes!! Finally! I've been wanting to get back into aerobics & weight lifting since I had to stop during my pregnancy four years ago!! I will start with one class a week and see how that goes. I really want to do weight lifting again (I hate to call it weight lifting as I do it more for muscle toning). But I have had recurring neck/head issues since an injury in December of 2004. It gets better, then I do something silly like saw my wire shelving unit without waiting for my DH! Can you believe it?! So once that has settled down again I will start with very light weights and work my way up again. I loved working out at the gym with DH, so can't wait to start that up, but must be patient.

It's been a very busy summer as I started selling my paperart at the Farmer's Market here in Nanaimo, and it's evolved into the Parksville Street Market, special cruise markets & two craft fairs in November!! Where am I going to get the time?! It's so fun though and I just love what I am doing! :D (Feel free to check out my other blogs at &

I am super tired right now and am listening to my favorites on iTunes & drinking a margarita (hey, we're allowed a treat now and then, right!?). It's off to bed soon. DD is in daycare tomorrow so I have a full creative day ahead of me! So excited, I have too many things going around in my head that I want to create and just don't know where to start sometimes!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! The weather has been hot & cold, I think I may just put the comforter back on the bed tonight & cozy up! :D