Monday, May 12, 2008

Where has the time gone!?

It's been so long since I have blogged! Sorry!!

Since January of this year I have been concentrating on the start-up of my new business, EllaBella Designs, in partnership with my friend, Karen. It has taken us months to prepare for the opening of our business and we are very pleased so far with the outcome & support received!

I am still yearning to make a mini scrapbook album on my weight-loss journey and I haven't been successful thus far in doing that! But I hope to do that soon. I like to look back at my before photos so I still see how far I have come.

I still struggle with keeping the weight off, and have gained a little more than I have liked to back but managing to keep things in check. I think the scrapbook album will help me keep things in perspective and help me realize just how far I have come. At our Grand Opening I had my scrapbook albums out for display and had comments on how much weight I have that felt good! :o)

I find that I have kept some new habits I learned when losing my weight. I drink lots of water now and add a bit of flavour with Crystal Light (Pineapple Papaya being my new favorite flavour). Those little packs they make to add to a bottle of water have been instramental in me drinking my water. We took them on our recent trip to Kauai with us and worked out perfect!

I also found that I wasn't eating enough protein, and if you can believe it, fat! I also make sure to have lots of veggies with our meals (raw veggies being my favorite now); I need to work on the fruit though! I still catch myself upping my starch, so must be vigilant at all times!

Chocolate is still my downfall, but I do allow myself to indulge once in a while. :o)

I'll have to end it there. But I do plan on writing more often...!