Monday, October 23, 2006

Back from Retreat

Well, I am back from the scrapbooking retreat at Harrison Hot Springs. Managed to spend a small fortune, but it was so much fun!! Didn't get a lot of scrapping done, but fun nonetheless.

I was such a good girl with my diet (I thought so anyways). (Even though I didn't bring enough of my supplement pills with me. Grrr!). I brought a few things myself like sandwiches for the drive, fruit, yogurt, snack bars, etc. That said, I didn't lose much weight over the 4 days - .4lb - but I didn't gain either!! :o)

The lady I saw at the diet centre (the "strict" one) made it clear that she was disappointed with my food diary, but I am trying not to take anything she says to heart. But that was the first time I left not feeling happy :o( I am supposed to lose 2lb a week, but I am a full two weeks ahead of my "schedule" yet she seems to still want to chastize me. I think I probably read into it all wrong, but I felt I tried so hard with my food this weekend!!!!!!!!!

I hope that once I get back on schedule I will drop lots this week. I kind of want to do it as an "I'll show you" type of thing, but I am doing it for myself. I just want to lose all of the weight and be done with it!! Argh! I guess I'm just feeling a bit frustrated. But I have to look at the whole picture (in my case my weight-loss chart, LOL!) and see that things are progressing just nicely.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Over the 15lb mark!!

I finally made it to the 15lb mark!! YAY! Total lost to date is 15.6lb and a whopping 18 inches!! I must say, I am getting so excited about losing all of this weight!! I feel so much better about myself and really feel different physically. I can't imagine what losing 24.4 more pounds will feel like!!!!!!!!! WOW!

I literally can't wear most of my pants anymore, they just fall right off. I don't want to buy any new clothes yet though. I'm wearing my "skinny pants" right now that I salvaged from my closet a while back when I was throwing most of my smaller clothes away! ROFL!

Some days I can't believe I've lost over 15lb already. I can't wait until I am half way there at 20lb! YAY, ME!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

14.2lb lost 25.8lb to go!!

WOO HOO! Slowly but surely this fat is melting off! LOL! I am so close to the half way mark and am sooo excited :o)

I leave for my scrapbook retreat one week from today! Spending the night in Vancouver with a friend, then we're driving up to Harrison Hot Springs together on Friday. There is a scavenger hunt at a few of the scrapbook stores along the way, so that will be fun for sure!! Not looking forward to driving in all of the traffic, but once I'm there it'll be so great! I am so hoping to lose a little more weight before the retreat :o) I'm not looking forward to eating out :( I'll just be chanting "everything in moderation." LOL!


Friday, October 06, 2006

So Happy!!!!!!!

Wow! Today I am exactly what I weighed before I put on all of my weight in those 6 months. I still have a long way to go, but this was a sort of benchmark so to speek. The weight I lose from now on will be those extra pounds I've been carrying for all these years!! I'm so excited :o)

I am down 13.8 lb now! Tonight is a huge challenge for me...dessert will be served at the midnight crop. I am bringing my own snack and drink, and hope I don't fall for temptation! I am so better than that!! :o)

Thanksgiving is this weekend as well, so that is going to be my other great challenge. Though, strangely, I think I'll do alright. A little bit of everything in moderation sure doesn't hurt.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your long weekend! I'll check-in again on Tuesday.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WOO, HOO! 13 1/4 inches lost so far!

Got measured today and I've lost 13.25 inches!! Wow! Goodbye double chin! LOL! I'm also proudly wearing my black cords that I dug out of my "small clothes" box.

I've cut down on my free exchanges since my slow second week. I may actually have "legal" popcorn tonight while I watch my favorite TV show, Lost! :o)

I'm going to a midnight Crop for the Cure this Friday at the new local scrapbook store in Parksville to support breast cancer. I'm really looking forward to it, yet not!! Let me explain...she's serving dessert!!! Oh my! This is my big test prior to Thanksgiving dinner...will have to bring my own snack. I have tons of photos printed and ready to get cropping! I'll hopefully get two two-page layouts done plus start those mini books I've been meaning to get done! LOL!


Monday, October 02, 2006

Recovering from Weekend...

I ended up getting a mild case of my vertigo back again yesterday. :*( I was in the middle of an on-line crop and just couldn't scrapbook for another second! I had been looking forward to this for quite some time, too. So I have been slightly nausiated, but feeling a bit better today. Ella is in daycare for the day, so that gives me some recouperating time, hopefully naptime as well!! LOL!

I'm down another .4 lb, which brings me to an even 11 lb loss. I'm just so thrilled!! Though I won't really be celebrating until I'm under what I was in March. I've managed the same weight for years, even after Ella was born. Then in six months I gained close to 15lb!! So, until I get under the weight I was in March I'll be ecstatic!!! :o)