Monday, October 23, 2006

Back from Retreat

Well, I am back from the scrapbooking retreat at Harrison Hot Springs. Managed to spend a small fortune, but it was so much fun!! Didn't get a lot of scrapping done, but fun nonetheless.

I was such a good girl with my diet (I thought so anyways). (Even though I didn't bring enough of my supplement pills with me. Grrr!). I brought a few things myself like sandwiches for the drive, fruit, yogurt, snack bars, etc. That said, I didn't lose much weight over the 4 days - .4lb - but I didn't gain either!! :o)

The lady I saw at the diet centre (the "strict" one) made it clear that she was disappointed with my food diary, but I am trying not to take anything she says to heart. But that was the first time I left not feeling happy :o( I am supposed to lose 2lb a week, but I am a full two weeks ahead of my "schedule" yet she seems to still want to chastize me. I think I probably read into it all wrong, but I felt I tried so hard with my food this weekend!!!!!!!!!

I hope that once I get back on schedule I will drop lots this week. I kind of want to do it as an "I'll show you" type of thing, but I am doing it for myself. I just want to lose all of the weight and be done with it!! Argh! I guess I'm just feeling a bit frustrated. But I have to look at the whole picture (in my case my weight-loss chart, LOL!) and see that things are progressing just nicely.


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