Wednesday, November 01, 2006


What an exciting day! I hit the half way mark today and am just thrilled!! My emotions just took over when I realized that I'm half way through the road to weight-loss :o)

I've felt so different lately, and it's wonderful changes. I've been going through my closet putting away my clothes that I bought after I'd gained all of my weight (I'm going to keep them until I've reached my goal weight and do some after photos with them!), and trying to find something I can still fit into. I gave away all of my clothes that were too small a while back save one pair of pants, so let's hope they see me through the next 20lb loss. I don't want to buy anything until I've lost the rest of my weight, 19.2lb to go. But not sure how long I'll be able to hold out buying new clothes!

I've also noticed changes with my body. First off, I hardly ever wake up to numb fingers & hands, there must have been lots of pressure on my nerves before. Secondly, I can SEE a huge difference when I look in the mirror. And now I do not shy away from the camera like I used to and rather enjoy posing again and seeing myself in photos :o) I'm actually asking DH to take my photo!! LOL! It feels so great and I can't imagine how I will feel in two more months.

I have taken a photo at 0lb lost, 10lb lost &18lb lost and love to look at them often and see the differences and how far I've come! [But those won't get posted until I have reached my goal weight ;o) ]

Here I am 20.8lb lighter with DD on Hallowe'en:

As for my "treat" when I've reached my goal weight...I think I will arrange a professional photo shoot! That would be so much fun :o) But something only for me & DH's eyes! LOL! ;o

Hope you all had a Happy Hallowe'en!


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