Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Been a While

I feel like it's been so long since I last posted! I am having a bit of a struggle as of late with watching what I eat. I am still doing good, still ahead of the game, but I feel that I could be doing much better. I am still tempted with some foods and worry I will break down and eat a lifetime of desserts all in one sitting!! I keep telling myself that once I am on maintenance, I can give myself the odd treat and not feel guilty. I love my fat-free treats of mango sorbet, popcorn, chocolate/vanilla pudding, & ice cream sandwiches; without those, I would be lost. LOL!

At present, I've lost 23.4lb and have 16.6lb left to lose!!! WHOO HOO! I am hoping that I can lose 10lb by my birthday, December 23rd. :o) That would be the best present!!

The silly season has started. I was looking at our calendar and we have something on every weekend from now until Christmas. We are also hoping to get our kitchen renovations started soon. The interior designer will bring in a kitchen designer to measure up our kitchen and draw us a few 3-D plans. Then it is just depends on how busy he is as to when we will start ripping things out. It's so exciting!

I have been feverishly de-cluttering our home. Including all of the closets! DH was at Ikea and bought a great storage system for DD's toys. So it will be so nice to get those all organized and out of the kitchen. It's hard to believe how much clutter we had!! And it feels so good to let it all go and organize the house. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an organizational nut, so it was killing me not having the place organized. DH has hundreds of vintage toys he's been buying and they were all over the place, mainly beside our bed! I finally had enough and boxed them up. Until we get a proper display unit there is no sense in having them sit in boxes all over the house. I still have a lot of de-cluttering left to do, but I was ill for a while. I'll be back at it soon enough. Once we have a designated space for everything (mainly DH's papers) then we should be able to keep it organized.

This is all thanks to Debby from SSS for posting on her blog the book "Too Much Stuff: De-Cluttering Your Heart And Home" by Katheryn Porter. I started de-cluttering even before I received the book, but loved reading it. She has some great perspectives on clutter and it was a great read.


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