Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WOO, HOO! 13 1/4 inches lost so far!

Got measured today and I've lost 13.25 inches!! Wow! Goodbye double chin! LOL! I'm also proudly wearing my black cords that I dug out of my "small clothes" box.

I've cut down on my free exchanges since my slow second week. I may actually have "legal" popcorn tonight while I watch my favorite TV show, Lost! :o)

I'm going to a midnight Crop for the Cure this Friday at the new local scrapbook store in Parksville to support breast cancer. I'm really looking forward to it, yet not!! Let me explain...she's serving dessert!!! Oh my! This is my big test prior to Thanksgiving dinner...will have to bring my own snack. I have tons of photos printed and ready to get cropping! I'll hopefully get two two-page layouts done plus start those mini books I've been meaning to get done! LOL!


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