Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a fun time ringing in 2008! We spent a quiet night at home (well, if you call organizing the entire house quiet!! LOL!). We've been busy packing, painting, moving...we have under-utilized the space in our house so we decided to re-organize the whole house!

And I have been a naughty blogger indeed!! Life has been extremely busy. Not only are we re-organizing the house but I am starting up a small business with a friend (www.EllaBellaDesignStudios.com). I have been busy with craft fairs and then had many custom orders to fill in time for Christmas. Crazy busy, but fun!!

I have to admit, I have been over-indulging during the holidays!! Though we made sure we had a meal plan for the holidays and that helped a lot!! (Especially for the bank account!) I have even been making salads with some yummy homemade dressing (though it did include mayo!!). But it has been all of the chocolate and goodies that comes with the holidays!! If I continue with the mass chocolate cravings, I'll start up my Chromium again.

I was very reluctant to get on the scales, but was surprised to see I had "only" gained a few pounds. Still, a few pounds here and there can add up quickly. So I am back on track and will try to get some walks in. I have had a problem lately with energy (ok, could be from over-indulging on non-nutritious food items!! And lack of sleep...). Anyway...I am taking Korean Ginseng to re-gain some energy enough to exercise. I haven't noticed much of a difference in energy yet (though I have in other areas!), so may get an overall health test done at the Naturopath's. (Did I ever mention that I love my Naturopath...not in that way!! Heehee! I will never take prescribed medication again if I can help it!)

Anyway, here's hoping for a healthy New Year to all!!



Danielle said...

Happy New Year Ann (a little late - sorry!)

Glad you had a great one,...and WOW about your new business...I love your website ~ wishing you all the best of luck :D It's going to be great!!!!

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