Thursday, January 04, 2007

Officially 5.4lb to go!!!

Wow! I'm almost down to the last 5lb!! This is extremely exciting and I am just thrilled with the way things have gone. In fact, I'm so thrilled that I am probably going to try and lose another 5-10lb once I reach my goal, but I don't want to push it. The last 10lb have been so hard to lose. Though the holidays/birthdays/colds haven't helped! But I seem to be back on track finally! I actually can't wait to get into more of a routine next week when DD's classes & such start up again.

I've been alternating between two jeans (both purchased at the thrift store for $4.99), nothing else fits me now. Even they are starting to get a bit baggy now! I filled up two huge garbage bags full of clothes that I will take to the local consignment store in hopes they can sell them for me. I, of course, kept two pants for my "after" photos! :o) It felt great to fill those bags up, however, sad about all of the money I spent getting new clothes last summer because I gained so much weight. Some of the clothes I never even wore!!!

I got some money for clothes for my birthday and Christmas, so once I'm at my goal weight a shopping I will go! WHOO, HOO! It's a hoot trying things on now. I can actually walk into almost any store now to buy clothes and they usually have my size stocked! I finally went bra shopping and was pleased to find a very comfortable, flattering bra! So I bought two! :o)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We've all been battling the cold in this house, as well as my family! It's been going on for weeks now. I think me & DD are finally feeling a bit better, but DH seems to be fighting it still. :o(

I have totally cleaned up my craft room, so I was actually able to sit down and work on a layout. The first one I used my sewing machine on! Looks awesome! Though I couldn't finish it as I am waiting for some buttons & ribbon in the mail and will go to the LSS to cut out a title. I have soooo many different ideas for layouts and albums, sometimes it's a little overwhelming. Can't wait to get more scrapping time!


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