Wednesday, December 27, 2006

8lb TO GO!

Whoo, hoo! Made it through the silly season without gaining!! However, I didn't lose much in the last little while. :o( Feel like I've hit a slump, but still feeling great about my new body!! I'm so ready to lose that last 8lb, and my goal date is approaching fast.

My birthday & Christmas went by fast. I got lots of goodies including a large MIMI rolling tote to take on my scrapbook retreats (have two booked for this Spring!), a subscription to Scrapbookers Etc., lots of books, some clothes, a sewing machine (for those scrapbook pages! Hee, hee. Guess I should learn how to sew! LOL!), and so many other great things!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & have a safe and happy new year.


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