Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tips & Tricks Part 1 - General Information

Alright ladies, here we go! Hee, hee. No idea how many parts this will be, but what the heck I'll start with Part 1 and see where that takes us! LOL!

Not so fine print:
*Please note that I am not a health counselor and am only providing this for your information as there are quite a few of you that were interested. These tips & tricks will only pertain to the diet I followed & I will also offer personal tips & tricks I learned along the way that worked for me. Please also keep in mind that a visit to your Doctor before starting any dieting is highly recommended.*

1. For the weight-loss to start coming off you need to follow a rigid food plan (details coming soon). For the first few weeks your body will be adjusting to significant changes in calorie, carbohydrate & fat intake. You will be going from an eat-what-you-want-when-you-want type of attitude to a well-balanced, controlled approach to meal planning.

2. Support - You will require an extreme amount of support, especially the first week if not longer! I would highly suggest having a weight-loss buddy, or a close friend as your support person.

3. Water, water, water! Drink eight 8oz glasses of water daily. Start with a couple of glasses a day if you're not used to drinking water. I fill up a bottle and squeeze a fresh lemon in my water to take along with me during my daily activities. You will be able to drink diet pop, crystal light, mineral water, coffee & tea (or herbal teas), but these cannot replace your required water intake.

4. Special herbal supplements are taken daily as recommended by the weight-loss centre.(Details coming soon)

5. Food Diary - this is very important! It's what keeps you on track. I was so surprised that I kept up my food diary for so long. But, I had every detail of that food diary looked at on my visits to the centre. This is where a buddy will come in handy; this makes you become accountable if you have someone to keep track of your food diary.

6. Weight Loss Chart - I made a graph with the weight going up the left side and the week numbers along the bottom. Each week I would mark the chart and connect the dots. It is important for me to have a visual aid when I can't always see it in the mirror. This really helps on those days when you gain...you can just look at the overall line and it is heading down! :o)

7. It's important to find out the weight range ideal for your body type. Look here for information http://www.healthchecksystems.com/heightweightchart.htm

8. It's always fun to take a "before" photo. Be sure to note your starting weight & measurements. I was measured across the shoulders, neck, bust, under bust (bra line), bicep, waist (where it bends), hips, thighs, calves & ankles (amazing how much comes off the ankles!! LOL!).

I think that's it for now. Look for Part 2 in the next few weeks!



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