Friday, April 20, 2007

I've Been Selected!

The weight-loss centre has chosen ME to do their radio commercials for a promotion they are doing soon! I am so thrilled that they thought of me. The managers and herself met and thought I would be suitable for doing this. What a cool experience! Not only to lose 40lb & 40 inches, but I get to be on radio commercials! How awesome is that?! YAY!

Sorry I have been so slack at my blog, I will have to try harder to do this more often. I find that since I've been on maintenance it's been a little boring and I bring nothing new to report! LOL!

However, saying that, things have changed a bit for me over the last couple of weeks. I've stopped going to the weight-loss centre due to the high product fees I pay weekly. And I wasn't all that great at taking the pills to tell you the truth! I have quite a stash of the product I was taking during my weight-loss.

One of the two products I was taking daily during the weight-loss program was a blend of herbs to combat appetite, maximize metabolism, etc. The other (mostly chromium) helps the blood sugar levels and for me I've found it helps with sweet cravings. I took Chromium long before joining this weight program and definately vouch that it helps my cravings! This is one thing I will definately take regularly (1 capsule/3x/day 30-60 minutes prior to meals).

I also took supplements on every visit 3x/week. Detox, energy & B6+B12 vitamin. I think I will look into continuing taking the energy and B vitamins.

I haven't dropped by the weight loss centre yet since I stopped the program, but I did buy a scale and I think I'm doing good at maintaining my weight. That said, I do worry sometimes as I stopped keeping my food journal and have the odd chocolate or cookie (and the odd binge *blush*)! I don't know what it is, but every time I eat something that is "bad" for me I feel soooooo guilty & feel like I should hide it! This has been going on my whole adult life and just not sure what that's about. Even when I was allowed to eat my little treats during the weight-loss program I always felt guilty! So weird! I would even hide it from my DH sometimes, though it was something that I was "allowed." ??? The psychology of food, hey?!

Next post I'll share my special treats I liked during my weight-loss program.


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