Saturday, April 21, 2007

Went for a visit...

Well, today I thought it was high time I dropped in to the weight-loss centre! I was so nervous to step on that scale! It's been almost one month since I stopped recording in my food journal and going for regular visits...I have gained 2lb. Ok, 2lb...not soooo bad I suppose. I was so nervous that it would be 5 or 10lb!! LOL!

So I'm ok with it, but I have started keeping record of my daily food intake again and am trying to remember to take my chromium again. I have a feeling I will have to do this for the rest of my life...I can just smell food and gain weight!! Ugh! But I must admit, I didn't keep up my food journal for a reason...but it would have been interesting if I had to see where I went wrong. But I know where I went wrong, I had a major craving for sweets and caved a few starch intake needs to be cut back again...and I need to eat all of my fruits & veggies.

I am so proud of myself that I have definately kept up mostly on the veggie intake!! There were days before this that would go by when I'd have no veggies at all!! I wouldn't even plan them with my meals. I'm on a big raw veggie kick right now, actually raw veggies dipped in cucumber salad dressing (mind you I have to watch I don't eat too much of the dressing! LOL!). I just find I love the crunchiness of the veggies (especially carrots) & love the taste better than steaming (I NEVER boil my veggies now). We invested in a large steamer pot when our DD was born so we could make our own baby food...LOVE it!! We use it all of the time.

Just thought I'd check in here "quick." It is definately a life change and seems that it will always be a struggle for me. However, I do feel that I am in a much better mind set - even though I still feel like the overweight girl! :*( I wonder if that will EVER change?? I'd love to ideally lose another 20lb, but just not sure if I'm up to it. That was a difficult 4 months and quite a feat to lose 40lb in that time frame (for me anyways). I know I should be happy with that but I can't. Definately something I have to work on. Because I have a feeling that if/when I lose that next 20lb, I'll feel the same.

I thought this was interesting. My friend recently emailed me this:

"you know I have heard people on Oprah say that about themselves after they have lost weight... strange... I guess you just get so used to seeing and feeling a certain way about yourself that it's hard to change that mind set... Dr. Robin (from Oprah) says that when people are heavier, that when they lose the weight they say that they don't know themselves anymore... that they feel kind of lost or like they are impersonating a thinner person... she said that actually they didn't know themselves when they were bigger that they have to learn about who they are right now from scratch... "

Not sure how much truth is in that, but interesting nonetheless.

*SIX more days until my scrapbooking retreat! Sooooooo excited. I NEED a break.* Can't wait to share my creations with you!


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Cori said...

Oooh, Ann, you are an inspiration for my own weight loss journey, that's for sure! It's funny about the self-perception thing - I was quite thin and fit before kids, and still think of myself as that person, then am almost shocked when I look in the mirror. I want the fit me back - I don't need to be tiny, just out of the plus size dept., kwim?