Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy Times!

It feels like it's never a quiet moment here! The only time I get to have time to myself is in the evenings and I end up staying up wayyyyy too late!

Myself and a friend are going to be selling at the Farmer's Market downtown on Fridays! We are going for our adjudication next Tuesday. We need to provide samples of the items we'll be selling, so I need to get busy!!

We're also trying to organize and prepare for my SIL's wedding coming up July 1st. We'll be hosting the open house the next day and our front/side yard has been all torn up - we're in the middle of re-landscaping!! Plus the backyard needs to have more beds dug up and flowers and shrubs planted.

I discovered Facebook and it really is quite fun! I found a few friends from Jr. High I haven't seen in years!!

So since it was my DD's birthday last weekend, that called for cake. Well we have quite a bit left that we froze. So it's hard not to have cake every night!! And I am procrastinating on starting my exercise! Ugh! I just don't have the energy it takes most days! Anyway, tomorrow is a new day...if I could only get to bed early!!


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