Monday, June 25, 2007


That's how I've been feeling lately. A bit of everything going on here.

I am down only two pounds, but should I be surprised!? I definately haven't been avoiding certain foods (like dessert!). Naughty me! But, I am happy I haven't gained any! Whew! I think I'll be going back on the herb suplements (still have a bunch leftover), or at least the chromium. I find this really helps with my cravings and blood sugar levels. It's just a PITA to take them 30-60 minutes before meals! LOL!

DD is getting better at handling the camera and managed to take a couple of decent shots of me. LOL!

We've been crazy busy here, so no time to update my blogs as much as I'd like. Still trying to get my photo slideshows up & running on my other blog.



Danielle said...

Your little one took FANTASTIC pictures of you...I'm anxious to see how you scrapbook them!

Have a fabulous long weekend!!!

Ann said...

Thanks, Danielle! It didn't occur to me to scrapbook them, but I should! :o)

RAE said...

Looking good, Ann...I'm at a standstill myself...not gaining and not losing...ugh...feeling sluggish with the heat and just can't get the energy to exercise. Can you tell me more about using chromium? Never tried it.

Ann said...

Thanks, Rae! The body needs chromium for normal growth & health. Chromium helps your body use sugar properly and is also needed for the breakdown of proteins & fats. Chromium supplements have not been researched extensively, but my Naturopath is a wealth of information and I trust his opinion. Plus I honestly find that when I take chromium I have way less cravings! :o) HTH!