Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ugh! Swimsuit season...

I'm taking my DD swimming today! Thought it would be a nice change in activities for her. I was excited to try on my two brand new tankinis!!!! But, ugh!! You can really see my stomach! It looks like it's been enlarged!! LOL! Those extra 4lb I gained a few weeks back are really showing! This is ridiculous! I have to pull down my top constantly. :o( It's almost like my stomach has expanded!

I've been just terrible at keeping a food journal since I hit maintenance. Then when I decided to lose some more weight I haven't even opened my journal!! I do sometimes keep track on my white board on my fridge, but I need to keep at it - and CUT down on eating again!! *eyeroll* I just love food too much and am finding it extremely difficult. I am feeling quite down about it. (Ok, I should mention that I've lost 1lb so far! I haven't gained any, so I guess that's good. LOL!)

I'll be starting a homebased exercise program (if all goes well)! I really wanted to join a gym again but couldn't afford it. I also checked into Curves, but it was even more expensive and just not what I was looking for. I want to lift weights again. I used to do some weight lifting at home years ago and it worked wonders and I'm hoping it will work again for me. I have some great books that I have had for years and will devise a workout plan from that. I also have a great video (from Usana I think?) and LOVED it. I'll have to dig that out and see if it still works. The video was starting to blackout in spots, maybe I should see if they have it on DVD. (If anyone out there can help me out with that, I'd be forever grateful! ;o) I also need to open up my iPod and download some tunes to listen to when I go walking. (Which I STILL haven't started to do yet!) Such the procrastinator!

But on the homefront, we are getting tons done!! We are in the middle of landscaping and it's coming along nicely. Now I am trying to get the inside all organized and clean. It feels sooo good to do that! The walls are in terrible shape and need a paint job in a bad way, but we have so much going on right now that we just can't afford it. Soon I hope.

I've got a pretty good base tan going (ok, pretty good based on having fair skin and never tanning much)! I've been going to those stand up tanning booths and love it! I'll keep it up until summer hits.

I've been very busy preparing for my DD's third birthday party - it's a princess party and so many details to work out!! It's going to be so much fun. Bouncy castle (which we bought at Toys R Us), face painting (we've hired our babysitter to do that), royal feast, slaying the dragon pinata, and of course the castle cake that I designed & am having made! Our cake lady does a super job with cakes, we use her all of the time...actually we've been using her since our wedding 8 years ago!


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