Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Down a size!

I am now officially down a size! My pants are falling from my waist - I can pull them down without unzipping them!! And I can fit into an old pair of black cords, which were my favorite! My tops are looking like tents and I can fit into some that were too snug before. It is such a good feeling.

I am down 8.8 lb overall and 6.5 inches lost. Friday will be my third week mark and I am still ahead of my projected weight loss. Yippee! This is so exciting!

I'm still finding yummy meals in the diet centre's cookbook and DH is loving all these home cooked meals with veggies! LOL!

I'm back to seeing my craniosacral therapist, I'm still dealing with my head injury and this seems to relieve it for a little while anyways . I am waiting to see a specialist, but not until the end of October. I definately find that the more sleep I get the better my head feels, but nighttime is the only time to myself. DD does not nap anymore, much to my dismay!! She's just 2, but full of energy. I know she is tired, but she just won't go down for a nap. Grrr! She also doesn't sleep well during the night, we never know when she's going to sleep through the night. It's tough to recover with that disruption. But I do my best. I'm sure that losing all my weight will help with my energy levels so I can make it through the day (and nighttime disruptions!).


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