Friday, September 22, 2006

Made it to the Two Week Mark!

However, I am up .6 lb!! Geesh, I'm at a standstill already???? I know, I know, I've lost 7 lb so far so that is good - but not losing any MORE weight - not good. My optional "free exchange" has been taken away for a few days - what do you mean I don't really NEED those fat-free chocolate puddings and mango sorbet?! LOL! I did kind of slack off there when I was sick, but I hope to jump back on now that I'm feeling a little better :o) They've also given me a Glycemic Index, huh?! Guess some "good" foods aren't necessarily "good." (i.e. watermelon - who knew it had a high glycemic index rating?!). So I need to avoid those foods for the time being until I get back on track. I think I slacked off on measuring, too. You think you have it down pat, then you measure just to see and you're way off! LOL!

Had a declicious crab salad for lunch today and made an awesome taco salad for dinner. I baked a few tortillas in the oven and they are just like chips, yummy. I crushed them up and put them in the taco salad. It gets the nod from DH :o)

I have an option of going in to the weight-loss centre tomorrow, as she thought I may be worrying about my .6 lb increase. Me, worry? No...ok maybe...yeah I suppose it's a bit frustrating. But I won't be in to weigh myself. I'm giving myself the whole weekend. As I mentioned previously, I hate being weighed every day, yuck! Next week I start going 3x/week instead of daily. Wednesday I have the option of being measured yet again. I prefer to do that monthly, but we'll see if they let me hold out for that long! LOL!

I used to weigh myself every few months or so and record it on the calendar. So I thought I'd just check back to see when I weighed myself last. It was March 2006, and holy smokes, I had gained almost 15 lb in 6 (SIX) months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I was just so disgusted, where was I headed???? I am so glad I took that step through the HM doors when I did!

Well, DD has finally chosen to sleep and DH has gone out sooooo - it's time for some scrappin' fun. Maybe I can start on my mini album about my journey to health :o) Make sure you check my scrapbook gallery over there ----------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>> to see my wonderful creations! LOL!

Have a great weekend!


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