Saturday, September 09, 2006

Survived the first 24 or so hours...barely!!

Ok, it's now into the second day and, boy, the food allotment they give you sure gets used up quick!! Except for those darned veggies, still can't seem to eat enough of those!!

Today I wasn't feeling so good as I had a massage yesterday and she was a little rough with my neck (felt ok at the time). So I am trying to recover but feeling a little dizzy. Then I'm wondering if it has to do with the lack of food.... Argh!

Went for my very first check-in today. Got weighed again and had my "before" photo taken. Funny how it's just so natural to want to suck it in! LOL! I lost .5 lb already...WOO HOO. LOL! Every bit helps, I suppose.

A quote I'd like to share from a weight-loss story a magazine... "Before the weight loss I was just a person existing and not really living." That really struck me as that's how I feel I've been living. I am so excited I've chosen to start living!! :o)

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