Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Feeling good!

Well, four days into it and I've lost just over 3 lb (not including my shoes! LOL!)! Was at my check-in today and decided that I'd weigh without my shoes from now on, as they added an extra 1.7lb! I'm already thinking of the winter months when I'll be all bundled up, I'm sure those thick knitted sweaters weigh a lot! LOL!

Was talking to the ladies at the weight-loss centre today and admitted that the first few days it felt like I was going through withdrawal!!! Seriously! Now it feels so good though. Knowing that I'm eating to keep my body going rather than keeping my emotions in check. I'll be using my creative outlet to help deal with my emotions, rather than food.

I figure I probably had a lot of 3,000+ calorie days before!! Sometimes I'd have TWO ice creams a day! And I'd go to Costco just for an ice cream cone (the best by the way)! Eekk! Now, I'm not saying that I'll never have an ice cream cone or treat again, anything is ok in moderation - but that's the key word for me - mod-er-ation. LOL!

Must go and plan my meals for tomorrow.


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