Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Is Over

Well, time to start checking in at HM again tomorrow. I have the big weigh-in after two days on my own!! I almost slacked off from my menu planning since I didn't have to check-in at HM for two days, but I realized that it was so important to help me reach my goal.

Friday's weigh-in went very well, down 1.2 lb, so my total lost so far is 5.6 lb. That's half a dress size!! WOO HOO. Ok, I know my goal weight is a long way off, but I must celebrate the small stuff! LOL!

This HM cook book I have is really terrific! The meals are awesome & so flavorful. Tim just loves them, too!! Bet you his weight will be down in no time! LOL! But this cook book has saved my bacon many times. It's so hard to know what to eat when you are limiting your food intake, so this has really helped.

I wasn't feeling so great earlier on today, my bowels were going nuts (sorry if TMI!) and I felt I was getting flushed then I would get cool. Ugh! I hope I'm not coming down with anything. Is Chicken Noodle Soup allowed?? ROFL!! Guess I won't be laughing if I come down with anything. :o(

Wish me luck with my weigh-in tomorrow! :o)

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